Listening to The Public Square® can be habit forming. People all across America tell us how different this broadcast is from all the rest. They tell us how families gather around the radio or computer and listen together. They listen in their cars and trucks. They listen on the radio and on their cell phones, tablets and mobile apps. They appreciate the tone of the conversation. They love the music and humor. They feel like they know the broadcast team. They appreciate hearing about real-life issues facing Americans. They feel a part of the thoughtful process.

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  • “Thank you for an informative and captivating program! It has been most appreciated to hear news and information that can be difficult or impossible to obtain.”
    -Bonnie, from Redding, CA

  • “I appreciate the work you all do! I am a long time listener. And I mean a LONG time! I love to listen to your podcasts.”
    – Michael, from Barberton, Ohio

  • “As I have listened to your long-format programs for several years now, I have to ask the question: “How can I help in the cause of freedom and liberty in America?”
    -Errol, from Knoxville, TN