TPS60: What Really Happened on Election Day 2018?

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What really happened on Election Day 2018? The Election is over but has anything been resolved? Join us as we break down the results and unveil the real issues that drove this election. For a perspective you won’t hear on cable news, tune in this week to The Public Square®. Release Date: Friday, November 9, 2018 Direct Download of This … Read More

TPS60: Does One Vote Really Matter?

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The time has come. The election is here. One more time we take a look at the reasons people stay home and the better reasons why we should be salt and light in America. Please join in as we pray for America on The Public Square®. Resources: Jeff Sanders’ blog post, “Make Your House of Worship Secure” Jeff Sanders’ … Read More

TPS60: 2020 Has Already Begun

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Is the cake already baked, or is there still a long way to go until Election Day? We take a look at the latest polls, the issues, the challenges and the consequences of Election 2018 this week on The Public Square®. Resources: Tickets for Christmas In America on The Public Square® Release Date: Friday, October 25, 2018 Direct Download … Read More

TPS60: Election Special 2018

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“Is voting really necessary?” “Show us one verse in the Bible that tells me we should vote in an election with so many flawed candidates.” These are the questions being fired at us by listeners. Join us as we walk through real answers to real questions about voting this week on The Public Square®. Resources: Politico: “How the Liberal … Read More

TPS60: Reaping the Whirlwind

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How will the Kavanaugh hearings impact the 2018 Midterm Election? Will one side benefit over the other? Or is there a bigger issue at stake in 2018 and beyond? The voting for 2018 has already started. And we will enter the center of this great contest together this week on The Public Square®. Resources: The American Policy Roundtable’s Monthly … Read More

TPS60: Does Kavanaugh Matter?

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The nation has been ripped apart by the confirmation hearing for the open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Where is the truth in the midst of all of this? And is the truth more important than the seat on the Court? Is the truth more important than political power? Join us this week on The Public Square® as we … Read More

TPS60: Why Christmas?


Why Christmas? This week on The Public Square®, we open an early Christmas card and take a peek at the premiere live radio event of the coming season, Christmas in America 1981. New music is coming and a wonderful story unfolds so don’t miss this special edition of The Public Square®. Resources: Details about Christmas In America 1981 Christmas In … Read More

TPS60: Hail Caesar! Will Facebook and Google Save or Destroy America?


“If Facebook were a country, it would have the largest population on earth. More than 2.2 billion people, about a third of humanity, log in at least once a month. That user base has no precedent in the history of American enterprise. Fourteen years after it was founded, in Zuckerberg’s dorm room, Facebook has as many adherents as Christianity.” – … Read More

TPS60: Dr. Sterling E. Glover — A Tribute


When a legend in the faith steps off the field, you feel it. One of our own has finished the race here on this earth and is onto his eternal reward. If you ever have wondered if your life matters, please don’t miss this program. We’re taking a look at a very special life, Dr. Sterling E. Glover (1924-2018), and … Read More

TPS60: Purple People Eaters


Remember finger painting back in Kindergarten? Mix red and blue, you get purple. We the people are getting mixed up by the leaders of Congress and the political parties. What do the political bosses understand about the upcoming 2018 Election? Tune in today for some insider baseball that is critical to the upcoming Midterm Election. Resources: On The Public Square®: … Read More