TPS60: Killing the Electoral College

tpsradioshowElections, Weekly

Is it time for America to graduate from the Electoral College? The debate is raging across the country and we jump in this week on The Public Square®. Please join us right here, on your favorite radio station or on your phone. Resource: Federalist No. 68 Release Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: Remembering Alfie

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

Alfie Evans is gone but far from forgotten. What lesson about nationalized healthcare can we learn from the death of this infant and the struggle his parents faced over their rights to care for their child? The conversation on life and death and “who decides” continues this week on The Public Square®. England and Wales High Court (Family Division) Decisions … Read More

TPS60: The Story of the Remnant

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

Sometimes the little guy wins. Today we’re taking a look at the “remnant” throughout history and throughout the Bible. Every Monday as a staff at the Roundtable we open up the Bible, study it, and pray. This week we’re re-airing a special behind-the-scenes radio Bible study on “remnants.” Release Date: Friday, May 4, 2018 Direct Download of This Episode Available … Read More

TPS 60: 40 Days of Prayer for Congress 2018

tpsradioshowArticle One, Our Mission, Weekly

Is anybody praying for Congress? Join us this week as we launch the 2018 campaign of 40 Days of Prayer for Congress. Hear this trumpet call for intercession and reports of how praying changes more than things. Prayer changes us. Inspiration is straight ahead this week on The Public Square®. Resources: 40 Days of Prayer for Congress Release Date: Thursday, … Read More

TPS60: The Next Generation of Leaders

tpsradioshowOur Mission, Weekly

What happens if we fail to teach the true story of America to our children and grandchildren? Will they grow up in a culture of material abundance but focus only on what they don’t have? Will they grow more and more “entitled” and less grateful? Tune in this week as we talk about bringing the light of liberty back to … Read More

TPS60: California – The Next Civil War?

tpsradioshowTechnology, Weekly

Progressive leaders are now on record calling for a Civil War, here in America. Should their claims be dismissed or carefully discerned? Join in the conversation this week on The Public Square®. Resources: The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War Release Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018   Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: We the People? Part II

tpsradioshowArticle One, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

Redistricting is the buzz. What is the reality? Are party operatives hiding behind a false cry for “fair districts” when in reality they are ALL trying to use redistricting as a tool to defeat their opponents? Voters need to know because ballot issues and court cases are suddenly popping up all over the place. We take this critical issue head … Read More

TPS60: Heaven’s Encore — The Easter Edition

tpsradioshowHolidays, Weekly

Might the Resurrection be considered as the greatest encore of all time? At Easter time we celebrate a supernatural reality; an event documented by eyewitnesses both believing and opposed. A reality that is attested by the changed lives of billions for over 2,000 years, and one that we celebrate in a special edition of Heaven’s Encore — the Easter Edition. Release … Read More

TPS60: We the People? Part I

tpsradioshowArticle One, Politics, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

Are political insiders working to undermine your representation in Congress? Please join us this week as we look at the history of gerrymandering and the current battle over who really speaks for “we the people” all on The Public Square®. Resources: We the People? Part II Release Date: Friday, March 23, 2018   Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: Smoke and Mirrors

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

This week we’ll be joining a live meeting with pastors and community leaders discussing the ramifications of legalized marijuana. What do pastors around the nation think of this policy issue? Take a look at one community with us as we listen to this leaders’ forum right here on The Public Square®. Release Date: Friday, March 16, 2018   Direct Download … Read More