TPS60: Is 5-4 All We Need?

tpsradioshowArticle One, Weekly

Is a 5-4 majority on the US Supreme Court all that is needed to restore righteousness in America? Is this the way our government is supposed to work? Tune in this week as we make the case for “originalists” in Congress and the Courts all on The Public Square®!   Release Date: Friday, July 13, 2018 Direct Download of This … Read More

TPS60: Independence Day 1970

tpsradioshowRediscovering American History, Weekly

Happy Independence Day! Join us as we turn back the clock to 1970 and join in an event that was held at the U.S. Capitol to honor America. Our hosts today are Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart and Pat Boone. We hear excerpts from an event held for 400,000 people including performances from Red Skelton, Jack Benny, and Kate Smith. The … Read More

TPS60: The Court and the Cakes

tpsradioshowArticle One, Weekly

The Supreme Court is in the news again this week. We look at the marriage and family decisions during the term of Justice Kennedy and how the Court has upended the family, the Constitution and the rule of law. Join the conversation this week online, on The Public Square® phone app and on a station near you. Resources: United States v. Windsor Article … Read More

TPS60: More Smoke and Mirrors

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

What is the latest in the national debate over full legalization of Marijuana? Can Big Marijuana be trusted or is there more to the story? Please join us as we work to get past all the smoke and mirrors this week on The Public Square® Release Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018 Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: The Circle Pt 3 – Breaking Free

tpsradioshowTechnology, Weekly

Have you read C.S. Lewis’ sci-fi fantasy That Hideous Strength? The Public Square® team just did and this week they discuss how its concepts relate to the current tech crisis we’re in. This episode is another installment in our continuing series on The Circle. Join us for a special summer book club edition of The Public Square®! George Orwell’s review of That Hideous … Read More

TPS60: Shall The Circle Be Unbroken?

tpsradioshowTechnology, Weekly

What does a leaked Google video tell us about their plans for humanity? What plans do the tech giants have for your most personal information and how can we help avoid the high-tech take over of American culture? Continuing our series inspired by the film The Circle we discover that truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction on this week’s edition … Read More

TPS60: Thank you Mr. Seaman

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

Real heroes are all around us. Sometimes we get to see them in action. In Noblesville, Indiana a teacher and coach got his number called when a student walked into his classroom and started shooting. A story you won’t want to forget follows straight ahead on this week’s edition of The Public Square®. IndyStar article read on the program. Release … Read More

TPS60: Is Sports Gambling Headed To Your State?

tpsradioshowGambling, Weekly

This week on The Public Square® Dave, Rob and the team discuss the recent Supreme Court decision regarding sports gambling and how it might impact families, communities, the 2018 Elections and the sports we love. Please join us right here or on your favorite radio station. Supreme Court Decision Release Date: Friday, May 25, 2018 Direct Download of This Episode Available … Read More

TPS60: Killing the Electoral College

tpsradioshowElections, Weekly

Is it time for America to graduate from the Electoral College? The debate is raging across the country and we jump in this week on The Public Square®. Please join us right here, on your favorite radio station or on your phone. Resource: Federalist No. 68 Release Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: Remembering Alfie

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

Alfie Evans is gone but far from forgotten. What lesson about nationalized healthcare can we learn from the death of this infant and the struggle his parents faced over their rights to care for their child? The conversation on life and death and “who decides” continues this week on The Public Square®. England and Wales High Court (Family Division) Decisions … Read More