TPS60: We the Stressed-Out-People

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

The American Psychological Association just published a report and guess what? Their research interviews with over 3,000 people and confirms that we the people are more stressed out about the direction of the nation, than any other issue. Should we all be freaking out right now or is there a better path? Join in the conversation this Thanksgiving week on … Read More

TPS60: To Whom Much is Given…

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

Is being grateful to be an American going out of style? Where will the current tide of protest lead? Join us around the table this week as we turn our thoughts toward what it means to be thankful. “To whom much is given…” this week on The Public Square®. Resources: Monthly Update Email Sign Up Monthly Update Mailing List Release … Read More

TPS60: A Brick for the Teacher

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Education, Role of Government, Weekly

A fourth grade teacher is hit in the face with a brick and dragged into the street and beaten. The offense? Taking a cell phone from a student. The alleged perpetrator? The fourth grade student’s mother. It happened in Pittsburgh last week. Vengeance in America — we talk it through together on The Public Square®. Resources: Mom Facing Charges In … Read More

TPS60: Mandalay Bay, MacGyver & Mockingbirds

tpsradioshowEducation, Gambling, Health Care, Weekly

Health care, casino gambling and To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s a news round up this week on The Public Square®. What did Donald Trump and Rand Paul do to Obamacare, why is the Mandalay Bay Casino hiding the facts, and why are schools banning an American classic? Tune in today and join in the conversation right here on The Public … Read More

TPS60: We the Distracted…

tpsradioshowTechnology, Weekly

So where is your cell phone – right now? A recent study reveals that on average cell phone users touch their phones 2,167 times per day. Believe it or not? We take on the tech giants again this week on The Public Square®. You don’t want to miss this. Resources: ‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear … Read More

TPS60: Crushed Candy

tpsradioshowGambling, Weekly

“Gambling and good government don’t mix.” We’ve said this for a long time, but why? Tune in today to hear a historical background on casino gambling in America, how it impacts public policy and some personal stories from around the table. Tune in to The Public Square® for more. Resources: U.S. Gambling History and Expansion Florida History Proves Link Between … Read More

TPS60: The Greater Truth

tpsradioshowChristmas In America, Weekly

Tired of the news that divides us? There is good news that unites us and that is the focus of this week’s episode. Please join in the conversation as we unveil the storyline for this year’s LIVE edition of Christmas in America. Brand new music – premiered just in time for the October leaves and the coming Holiday Season. All … Read More

TPS60: God Uses Storms, Part II

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

There are still big storms out there and earthquakes too. Is God still working, here and abroad and even in Washington, D.C.? Tune in for an encouraging update on God Uses Storms Part 2 this week on The Public Square®. Catch this exclusive new music release ONLY on The Public Square®. Release Date: Friday, September 23, 2017 Resources: VIDEO: Peace … Read More

TPS60: God Uses Storms

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

Why do bad things, like two hurricanes, happen to good people? This is one of the hardest questions to answer of all time. Tune in today as we unpack how God uses storms in our lives. Plus, don’t miss the brand new debut of a very special song called “Peace Be Still” from the lost lyrics of Fanny Crosby. Catch … Read More