TPS60: Parkland Denials

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

All the standard words have been said and repeated across the media. Politicians have all weighed in as well. But what is the truth about the slayings in Parkland, Florida? Could the tragedy have been prevented and can future attempts be stopped? Tune in for a conversation you won’t hear on cable news channels this week on The Public Square®. … Read More

TPS60: Hall of Presidents

tpsradioshowRediscovering American History, Weekly

Who is your favorite president and why? In honor of President’s Day we are taking a look at some of the most influential presidents throughout America’s history. What are some of the most significant accomplishments from our country’s presidents that still impact our daily lives? Tune in today with a special interview from Dr. William B. Allen as he shares … Read More

TPS60: What Does Civil War Look Like?

tpsradioshowPolitics, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

If we were around in 1860 and looking into the U.S. House and Senate what would we see? Would it look like the House divided we saw during President Trump’s State of the Union Address? This week on The Public Square® we ask the question: “What does civil war look like?”. A tough question with real consequences for all our … Read More

TPS60: Blame and Shame: The Cure

tpsradioshowPolitics, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

Has the era of Donald Trump caused the Church to retreat from the arena of public policy? Are pastors afraid to obey the Scriptures and pray out loud for those in authority, for fear that a congregant will take offense? Tough questions about what it means to be salt and light in 2018, along with biblical answers–all this week on … Read More

TPS60: The Blame and Shame Game

tpsradioshowPolitics, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

Is the U.S. Senate the most corrupt branch of the government? Is that possible? Please join us for an exclusive story that will uncover a 100 year old scandal this week on The Public Square®. Release Date: Friday, January 26, 2018   Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: The Politics of Shame

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

Will Oprah Winfrey be the next President of the United States? To the surprise of many, the 2020 campaign began this month at the Golden Globe Awards. The team takes a look at the three year journey ahead this week on The Public Square®. Resources: Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes Sign Up for … Read More

TPS60: Up in Smoke

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

People are dropping dead from drug addictions every day in America. Yet the hottest campaign issue of 2018 is legalizing more drugs. Are we missing something here? Join in the discussion this week on The Public Square® as we tackle the legalization of recreational marijuana. You won’t want to miss this important conversation. Resources: List of Controlled Substances Schedule of … Read More

TPS60: Jesus and Taxes

tpsradioshowTaxes, Weekly

Tax reform is done; but is it really done well? We take a look at what Congress has been up to and talk about taxes from a biblical point of view on this week’s edition of The Public Square®. Release Date: Friday, January 5, 2018   Direct Download of This Episode Available Here

TPS60: How Safe are the Highways?

tpsradioshowLife and Health, Weekly

Is drunk and drugged driving a real issue in America? Tune in this weekend to a special interview with Mothers Against Drunk Driving National President, Colleen Sheehey-Church. What are the real statistics behind this issue and how does it impact everyone on the road? Tune in today to hear more. Release Date: Thursday, December 28, 2017   Direct Download of … Read More

TPS60: Christmas In America 1950, Part II


Part Two of Christmas In America on The Public Square® travels back to the year 1950 where we continue our conversation on the life of C.S. Lewis. How is the life of Lewis and the Inklings still impacting culture today? Hear the premiere of brand new Christmas songs and wonderful arrangements and performances of Christmas classics. Join in these live … Read More