TPS60: Martin Luther King, Jr–The Pastor

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“I feel someone must remain in the position of non-alignment, so that he can look objectively at both parties and be the conscience of both — not the servant or master of either.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We have one national holiday that honors a pastor. This week we have the privilege of re-airing an interview with the … Read More

TPS60: Time to Build

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Our Mission, Weekly

What is the answer to the growing darkness in America? Build a bigger lighthouse! Join us this week as we attack the darkness by looking at the biblical method of overcoming evil right here and now and for The Next Generation–all on The Public Square®. Resources: U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Lower, The Wall Street Journal Why are We Killing Ourselves? … Read More

TPS60: Why are We Killing Ourselves?

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Life expectancy in the U.S. has fallen again. Researchers are now placing the blame on “despair deaths”, especially among young people. Why is this important research not being talked about on every media outlet and from every American pulpit? We’ll be talking about it this week on The Public Square® and hope you will join in the conversation. Resources: U.S. … Read More

TPS60: How Safe are the Highways?

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How safe are you and your loved ones on the highways? Sure, this is a question no one wants to think about. We all know things are rough on the roads but are alcohol and drug abuse putting us all at greater risk? This week we talk with the leadership of Mothers Against Drunk and Drugged Driving for a closer … Read More

TPS60: Christmas In America 1981, Part II

tpsradioshowChristmas In America, Holidays, Weekly

Part Two of Christmas In America 1981 is now available! This week on the program, we will continue the story of Christmas in 1981, where an American President was squaring off with the U.S.S.R. in the hope of lighting a candle of Liberty for the people of Poland. We will be finding the manger in this era in history with … Read More

TPS60: Christmas In America 1981, Part I

tpsradioshowChristmas In America, Holidays, Weekly

Christmas In America 1981 is here! You can listen in anywhere in the nation to this special radio variety program as we go back to 1981 in search of the manger. This year our story focuses on several lives that share something in common. These are lives of ordinary people, to whom God gave extraordinary gifts, and each of them … Read More

TPS60: Christmas In America 1946

tpsradioshowChristmas In America, Holidays, Weekly

Join us as we re-air one of our favorite editions of Christmas In America. Travel back to 1946 when Harry Truman was President, the most deadly War the world had ever witnessed was finally over, and when Frank Capra pitched his friend Jimmy Stewart on a new movie titled, It’s A Wonderful Life. You won’t want to miss this radio … Read More

TPS60: The God Question with Dr. John Lennox

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

Would you have enjoyed a live lecture by C.S. Lewis? Our guest this week experienced just such a lecture and went on to become a professor himself at Oxford University. Meet Dr. John Lennox, an extraordinary scholar and defender of the faith, on this week’s edition of The Public Square®. Please don’t miss this exclusive interview and please share this … Read More

TPS60: A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Do you remember watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special on television when you were a kid? Remember that tiny Christmas tree, the kid with the blanket, everyone’s favorite beagle, and the message of hope spoken from a child? This week on the program, the team uncovers the story of how this Christmas special became a true classic in spite of … Read More

TPS60: To Err is Human. To Forgive is…

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

Pete Davidson of SNL attacked an American hero in a cheap election skit and… Find out what happened next and how the lessons learned may just make this Thanksgiving a more blessed event for the American family. Tune in this Thanksgiving week for a very special edition of The Public Square®. Resources: ‘Saturday Night Live’: Congressman-Elect Dan Crenshaw Appears for … Read More