TPS60: Hail Caesar! Will Facebook and Google Save or Destroy America?


“If Facebook were a country, it would have the largest population on earth. More than 2.2 billion people, about a third of humanity, log in at least once a month. That user base has no precedent in the history of American enterprise. Fourteen years after it was founded, in Zuckerberg’s dorm room, Facebook has as many adherents as Christianity.” – … Read More

TPS60: Dr. Sterling E. Glover — A Tribute


When a legend in the faith steps off the field, you feel it. One of our own has finished the race here on this earth and is onto his eternal reward. If you ever have wondered if your life matters, please don’t miss this program. We’re taking a look at a very special life, Dr. Sterling E. Glover (1924-2018), and … Read More

TPS60: Purple People Eaters


Remember finger painting back in Kindergarten? Mix red and blue, you get purple. We the people are getting mixed up by the leaders of Congress and the political parties. What do the political bosses understand about the upcoming 2018 Election? Tune in today for some insider baseball that is critical to the upcoming Midterm Election. Resources: On The Public Square®: … Read More

TPS60: The Circle — Closing In


Why would Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros want to write an entire new section in the Ohio Constitution? Why would they be investing millions of dollars to impact the mid-term election in this battleground state? Find out how the Circle is closing in on the 2018 elections and what it means for your state this week on The Public Square®. … Read More

TPS60: Who is Karl Marx?


Karl Marx. You learned about him in history class. But what does he have to do with a new political strategy coming up from the Progressive Left? Tune in today to join the radio classroom of The Public Square®. You don’t want to miss this very important conversation. Resources: Solzhenitsyn at Harvard Revisited – Speech Text Solzhenitsyn at Harvard Revisited … Read More

TPS60: Why Christmas?

tpsradioshowChristmas In America, Holidays, Weekly

Why Christmas? This week on The Public Square®, we open an early Christmas card and take a peek at the premiere live radio event of the coming season, Christmas in America 1981. New music is coming and a wonderful story unfolds so don’t miss this special edition of The Public Square®. Resources: Details about Christmas In America 1981 Christmas In … Read More

TPS60: What Happened in Tennessee, August 2018?

tpsradioshowElections, Weekly

On Thursday night, August 2nd, 2018, a political campaign out of Tennessee shocked the world. How did a virtual unknown who had never held office before overcome three quality and well-positioned candidates and win a major state nomination for Governor? The answer is found in a single word. Tune in today to find out what that word is right here … Read More

TPS60: The Meekest Man on Earth

tpsradioshowOur Mission, Rediscovering American History, Weekly

What does “meekness” have to do with strong and effective leadership? Should our country be looking for leaders who are stronger in a different way? Tune in as we present the 2018 Fourth of July Message by David Zanotti, CEO of the American Policy Roundtable. A fascinating look at the Declaration of Independence this week on The Public Square®. Resources: … Read More

TPS60: The Mob and Mr. Jordan

tpsradioshowPolitics, Weekly

The story has been featured in hundreds of articles and all across the cable shows. But what is the truth about what just happened to Congressman Jim Jordan? Did he commit some crime? Was there a criminal case involving abuse? Or did a member of the U.S. Congress just get tarred and feathered by a media mob? The media’s case … Read More

TPS60: Racism in the 21st Century

tpsradioshowDeep Questions, Weekly

Should our racial distinctions lead us to division or celebration? This week on The Public Square® we open the Bible and look for answers to questions that are dividing the Church, the culture and the nation. We are looking for the truth about race. Please join us in the discovery. Release Date: Thursday, July 19, 2018 Direct Download of This … Read More